Racing the Moon (Road Trip 01), by BA Tortuga

Racing the Moon (Road Trip 01), by BA Tortuga
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Action
Stars: 5

Sonny has a shipment to deliver. Moonshine, the old fashioned way. Too bad some jerk blew up his road in the Carolina mountains, keeping him stuck, high and unfortunately dry. He’s just pissed off enough to take his temper out in the guy responsible, and when Sonny happens to come across him, he’s not able to control his impulses. MJ is on a mission, ridding the world of another environmental threat, shutting down a logging organization. Running into Sonny in the foggy woods throws a wrench in his plans. He has no intention of dying in a backwoods cabin. But it’s when Sonny kidnaps him for an impromptu vacation that things go completely awry. From the beaches of Montego Bay to the coast of Washington and Oregon, Sonny and MJ fight and love, trying to stay one step ahead of someone who carries a real grudge for MJ. Someone who would rather see them dead than alive. With car chases, explosions, and hot, steamy loving, Sonny and MJ have all the adventure they could ever want. But do these two have enough in common to prove they can give the moon a run for its money?

Racing the Moon is a great introduction to two semi-psychotic alpha males going at one another for top dog position. It features completely unapologetic kidnappings, tattoos, wiliness, laziness, eco-terrorists, moonshiners, boats and fast cars, all mixed with action, straight up craziness, and moments of tenderness. In short, Racing the Moon has it all, and easily rates as one of my favorite books. Luckily for me, it’s also the first of four books in the Road Trip series, so I get three more installments of these boys.

This is clearly a BA Tortuga book: narrative and characters that sound real and true to their personalities, hot and oft-repeated sex, and two guys who stand their grounds but still respect each other… despite the mutual want-to-kill-him.

I love Sonny and MJ. They’re just the right blend of complementary snark and insanity to be perfect for each other. They start out with biting nicknames for the other, Sonny is “Sunshine” and MJ is “Precious”, but end up as endearments.

Plus, any book that has this, “Man, you go someplace to relax… bring the corpse-like body of the guy you bonded with over an exploding cabin and damned fine chase scene, and all you got was shit in return,” is bound to be a winner.

Editing errors can absolutely ruin the rhythm of a book for me, but there are none that obviously stand out to me. The characters do use a few made up words (i.e., hurty and nappage), but it’s fitting with their voices. The sentences that seem to be missing words should be read as one would talk in casual conversation, and lends to the overall laid-back tone.

The point of view slips between the two men often, and without warning, but their individual voices are so distinct it’s somehow a seamless transition. Frankly, I didn’t even notice until a second read-through.

If you’re looking for a book where the law-breaking characters learn their lessons and change their ways, you’re not going to find it here. But if you want to read about two guys who have a damn good time, this is a great place to start. I distinctly remember laughing out loud the first time I read this book, and it hasn’t gotten old for me yet, some 8 years later.

Length: 126 pages
Publisher and First Publication Date: Torquere Press, April 15, 2006
Purchase URL:
Formats Available: html, lit, pdf, prc, (paperback at Amazon)
Reviewed by: Adrienne

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