Talya Andor – The Fall Guide

The Fall Guide, by Talya Andor
Genre: MM Romance, Contemporary
Stars: 3.5


Talya Andor - The Fall Guide - Cover

Talya Andor – The Fall Guide


Eric is a popular beauty blogger, and hopes to use the momentum of that to start his own business selling makeup for men—but his first attempt to launch makes it painfully clear he has a lot to learn and a long way to go.
Unexpected help comes in the form of Devon: Gorgeous, successful, and far too smooth. He is everything Eric would like to be, all the things Eric is starting to fear he’ll never achieve, and the success that Eric is striving for in both his professional and personal life is jeopardized by Devon’s inability to understand that business and pleasure shouldn’t mix, because they can have disastrous results for both


My review is mixed with the synopsis because I felt that you needed the synopsis to understand where I am coming from…

The Fall Guide is really about a financially struggling beauty blogger, Eric, who is trying to launch his own make-up range for men. Eric has been dating a guy for seven months, but this spoilt brattish male was not much into Eric, and Eric catches him in the bed with another man. Suddenly I thought “oohh…yeahhh…hello angst, pain to deepen this story!” But no, they break up and Eric moves on quite healthily and quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for him, but I am also disappointed that this part of the story finished so quickly.

Anyway, back to the story. He starts dating rich, handsome, clever, successful, gorgeous, and down-to-earth Devon. Devon wants to help his boyfriend, Eric, launch his business, so he offers financial aid. But Eric has self-respect and pride, so he refuses Devon’s financial assistance…I then jump to the conclusion again, “oohh…yeah…! Now there is some angst! They will fight and work realllyyyy hard to learn to compromise considering they are from very different backgrounds!” Alas, this was not the case. These two lovers resolve their issues quickly again. Don’t get me wrong; I am happy for Eric and Devon, but again…issues resolve rather fast and nicely…

Andor focuses so much on Eric’s struggling business, to the point I think a first year business student can use it as general reading to understand how tricky setting up a business is. It really would give basic insight to anyone who wants to set up a business around fashion and beauty.

For me, this story is about decadence, wealth, fashion, beauty, diligence, creative thinking, and really “a lot of good luck” for meeting the right man and his family.

I find Eric rather likable. He is a fighter no matter what the obstacles are. I only wish he be less dramatic and hot-headed. I adore stories involving twinks, but have never met a twink as frustrating as Eric! OMG…sometimes, I found him so irritating. I think he is so lucky to meet Devon, who is a patient man.

I guess I may enjoy this more if the writer did not go on and on about Eric’s business issues. While reading, I often ask myself, “Why? Why go on and on?” I wish this story focused more on relationship issues, I mean, Eric must be the only person who did not experience rebound issues; he moved on so quickly, despite finding his ex-boyfriend in a very compromising situation after 7 months of relationship.

The Fall Guide is a good read for escapism, all in all, it was pretty enjoyable story. If you are interested in fashion, beautiful men, wealth, wonderful in-laws, wonderful friends, and a selfish brat for an ex-boyfriend (who briefly appear), an amazingly perfect HEA ending, then this is the book for you.

Publisher and Original Publication Date: Less Than Three Press LLC, December 4th 2013
Purchase URL: http://www.lessthanthreepress.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=90&products_id=541
Formats Available: epub, mobi, pdf, html
Length: 70,000 words or 250 pages
Reviewed by: Lily Pilly
Author’s Website: http://talya-andor.com/


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