Review for Us

If you would like to review for ScuttlebuttReviews, please send contact (see below for contact information) including your name (or the name you want used publicly), and a sample review (Word Document, New Times Roman, 14 point font, single spaced). Within the body of the email, include the author’s name, the title, and the publisher of the book you have reviewed.

We prefer reviewers to write in the present tense. There are no length or subject requirements, but an ideal review would include information about the characters, writing style, plot, editing, and your overall opinion of the book. If there is something specific you like or dislike, explain why: Is the author fantastic at world-building? Does a character do something that seems not to fit his/her personality? Is there a huge plot hole? Give examples, perhaps providing a short quote.

Avoid spoilers like naming whodunnit in a mystery/thriller, or who ends up together out of several potential couplings. We want people encouraged to read, not to ruin the story for them. When in doubt, read the book’s blurb.

Should ScuttlebuttReviews post your review, it will be proofread for grammar, spelling, and readability. There will be no changes to your opinions, and we will send you an email with the edited version asking for your agreement before posting. Please do not take editing as a personal affront; all posts are given the same treatment.

Similarly, if you notice an error on the site, please send us an email with the specifics! If you’re interested in only proof-reading, email a query, and we will send you a sample review to edit and return.

Book suggestions for your sample review:
Check our “Review Queue” section or choose a book from your own collection, and remember your review need not be a new release. Think about writing a review for an older book by an author with a new release. We do not automatically dismiss the idea of multiple reviews for the same book; after all, taste differs! While we do not promise to post any rebuttals or concurrences, we may post a second review of a book if it is thoughtful, well-written, and offers another perspective.

We will privately discuss further reviews after receiving the first.

To contact us to query about reviewing, or if you have any other questions, please do so with the form here or via email




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