Review Queue

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ZA Maxfield – The Brothers Grime 02 – Eddie: Grime Doesn’t Pay

TJ Klune – Into this River I Drown

Talya Andor – The Fall Guide (R)

Scarlet Hyacinth – The Shifter Chronicles (01-07)

Sasha L Miller – Battle of Will (R)

Sam Singer – Beautiful Dreamer

NJ Nielsen – The Connelly Chronicles 01 – Family Connection

Missy Welsh – Isherwood

Missouri Dalton – Night Wars (01-03)

Megan Derr – The Engineered Throne

MA Church – Wrapped Up 01 – Wrapped in Leather

Lexi Ander – Valespian Pact 01 – Alpha Trine

LE Harner – Willow Springs (01-03)

LB Gregg – How I Met Your Father

KA Mitchell – Bad in Baltimore – Bad Attitude

Josh Lanyon – Haunted 01 – The Haunted Heart

John Tristan – The Peacock Prince

Hurri Cosmo – The One (R)

HL Holston and Eleanor Bruce – Werewolves of Baltimore 01 – The Moon’s Dirty Light (R)

Eli Easton – Blame it on the Mistletow

Eden Winters – Diversion (01-03)

Cat Grant – Black Dog (R)

Ashlyn Kane – Good Vintage

Ashley Chunell – A Melody in Harmony (R)

Amy Fecteau – Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle (R)

Amy Lane – Under the Rushes

Amy Lane – The Locker Room

Ally Blue – The Long Mile

Alex Beecroft – Too Many Fairy Princes

Abigail Roux – Sidewinder 01 – Shock & Awe



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